George Samuel Associates was established in December, 1994. We provide high quality professional recruitment services and contract staff services to corporations.  Our clients include International and local banks, financial institutions, I.T. solutions service providers, and other multi-nationals.

Professional Ethnics and Company Policy

  • Professional Ethnics :

    • Ensure that George Samuel Associates provide contract staff services and recruitment services for its clients in a professional manner with quality deliverables. We have guidelines and regulations for our recruitment consultants and our contract staff.

    • Do not solicit client’s staff - George Samuel Associates never approaches anyone who are currently employed by our client with the intention of trying to solicit them away to the other clients of George Samuel Associates.

    • Confidentiality and non-disclosure - All information related to the client's business and operations, including computerized data, business related information, the client’s customer information, will be kept strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to any other parties, unless it has been agreed to do otherwise.

    • We also ensure that our contract staff follows the regulations on confidentiality and non-disclosure. The obligation of confidentiality shall continue beyond the expiration or termination of Service Agreement with the Client, and also of the Contract Agreement with our contract staff, or any service renewal thereof.

    • Intellectual property right - Any programs, system documentation, procedures, processes, formula, data, information, method of production, document, invention, innovation which our contract staff may produce, evolve, discover or invent during the course of providing services to the client, or arising there-from shall be the absolute and exclusive property of the client. The client shall have a complete and permanent right to and to the use of all work produced, developed, or created by the the contract staff from George Samuel Associates.

    • Guarantee (referred to the recruitment services on permanent and direct contract staff to our clients) - we have a guarantee period for all permanent and direct placements of three months. This means that provided our terms and conditions have been met and the candidate resigns or is dismissed for any reason during this guarantee period, we will replace that person without any additional costs to our client. We believe that this guarantee shows our commitment to quality recruitment and importantly, our commitment to our client.

  • Environmental Policy :

    • As a service provider on staff recruitment service and contract staff secondment service, our business does not include mass usage of energy and electricity, nor usage of chemicals and water, and the business operation does not involved in production or generation of any chemicals or substances which are harmful to the Environment. However, we still aim to achieve the following objectives to minimise environmental impact.

    • Saving energy consumption - We try our best to reduce the energy consumption, such as electricity, as much as possible.

    • Paperless business operation - Under the current technology, if acceptable by our clients, we aim to send document / information to them by using e-mail in order to minimise the usage of paper. In case we need to fax information to our client, we use PC Fax Software so as to reduce the usage of paper. We try our best to keep information on electronic device instead of on paper.

    • Saving paper - We aim to minimize the printing of information on paper. However, if under the circumstances that printing on paper is a must, we will print information for internal usage on the back of used paper.

    • Environmental directives - Develop our staff’s awareness of environmental issues to a level where consideration of environmental impacts becomes a natural part of daily work. Continually reduce any unnecessary consumption of energy/electricity during office work.

  • Equal Opportunites Policy :

    • George Samuel Associates is an equal opportunities employer. We employs recruitment consultants and contract staff regardless of their genders, age, marital status as far as they meet the service requirements from our clients and are capable of providing the required services to our clients.

    • We respect the human rights of our employees and comply with all relevant legislation, regulations and directives in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

    • We treat all employees fairly and not discriminate against any group in the employment practices.

    • Child labour is never used and the employment of young workers adheres to local regulations. We do not employ illegal workers.

Please email to :   to submit your resume in MS Word format, specifying your availability and expected salary.

( Note : All resumes received from job applicants will be kept strictly confidential and will be used solely for recruitment purposes.)

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